Corporate Governance

Most private building complexes are designed to secure its owner’s sufficient privacy. Wrought iron is very much favored when security and appearance are both demanded.

Only individual solutions guarantee the right combination of security and elegance.

  • Determining procedures for assessing risks of global, financial, general, economic, Political, Industry & Company specific risks and also ensure the adoption of risk minimizing procedures.
  • Provides measures to ensure that the company complies with applicable Law in respect of the following:
    • Disclosures and whether proper disclosures have been made regarding related party transactions, accounting treatment, risk management etc. by the company as and when required.
    • Board Composition & Board meetings.
    • Various Committee (like Audit Committee) composition & committee meetings.
    • Code of Conduct and whether the Company has laid down the same to various levels in organization.
    • Compensations for Directors including Non-Executive Directors.
    • Information including Financial Statements and results, Annual operating plans and Budgets, Show cause/demand/prosecution notices and such other materially important documents are placed before the Board.
    • Provides measures to monitor and review the effectiveness of the company’s internal audit function; and monitor the internal audit function’s independence and objectivity and the effectiveness of the internal audit process, taking into consideration relevant professional standards.
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